Configuration of Spaces

TSH Architects are committed to using their skills to produce energy efficient and sustainable buildings through careful design, specification and collaboration. With all projects they aim to raise the awareness of their clients about sustainability and environmental issues, with a view to developing a shared sustainability vision for the project.

Configuration of Spaces

The benefits of energy efficient architecture and use of natural materials are a lower environmental impact, healthier buildings and lower running costs.

TSH Architects approach is to prioritise the use of natural resources, passive control and quality building materials to produce low tech and low energy buildings, which are easy to operate, control and maintain.

Configuration of Spaces

It is an integrated approach which requires consideration from the outset. Orientation and massing are optimised to maximise the potential for daylighting, natural ventilation and use of passive solar energy. Materials and construction methods, whether modern or traditional, are selected for their contribution to the thermal envelope, airtightness and control of temperature or humidity, within the constraints of other technical considerations such as structures and embodied energy.

Building strategies

TSH preference is for buildings which are easy for users to control, whether opening windows or turning on lights, rather than rely on automated controls and building management systems. High tech solutions, such as microgeneration with photovoltaics or wind energy, are considered from the outset and buildings designed to accommodate them, but inclusion of these technologies is after all efforts have been made to minimise the energy use.